Maria "Dusty" Rodriguez

Since she was a small child Maria „Dusty“ Rodriguez climbed the metal planks of the Junkership Ortega. With age four she started playing with scrap and small metal bars, dispensers, cables and microchips building weird looking mechanical toys. With age fourteen she snuck into an old Cyclops spaceship and controlling it came natural to her. After flying around with it seeing her talent she soon was sent on scouting missions to the Rim Asteroid Belt. She may still be young, but her knack with all things mechanical and her unwavering trust into machines makes her one of the most dangerous pilots in „The Gamma.“.

Special Ability: Fast Energy Recalibration
Dusty is especially gifted when it comes to energy recalibration. She may transfer a small amount of energy from any system to another as her special ability. This makes her a good choice for impulsive players.

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