Welcome pilots,

for those of you that do not know Interstellar Mayhem (IM) yet, we want to give a short overview what it is all about:

IM originally is a board game, developed by Soylent Games. The original author Alexander Ommer is highly involved in the developing of the new digital version as well as Berlin based studio ZombieFood. While there will be a classic board game mode, we want IM to be much more than a simple digital version of it.

In IM every player controls one or more spaceships to fight against other players or AI – either alone or in a team. The setting is set in space hundreds of years after Old Earth was left. The players find themselves in the role of Scrapper Behemoth captains. Behemoths are huge battleships with large hangars and hundreds of crew members and their families.

Aboard these giant space vessels you will have to choose your fighter ships, pilots and special equipment for combat. Of course you will have a fleet to command, spaceships to salvage and develop new technologies that might give you the edge in combat.

To achieve this you will need to discover uncharted space and fight for resources along the way. Hire pilots and use their special skills in battle to be victorious!

Our plan:

These are exciting times. We are working hard on the Interstellar Mayhem computer game. That’s right: All the fast battles and game mechanics you love from the board game are going digital! But not only are we bringing the original game to the digital version, but we have a lot of plans, ultimately depending on the feedback we receive from you. Yes, we are listening and we want you to get involved in building this awesome game with us!

Our first plan is to get enough people interested into the computer game, so we can launch a crowd funding campaign/paid alpha to help us start the adventure with full power. You can help by sharing links and liking us on Facebook, tweet about us or simply spread the word the conventional way. We LOVE to hear from you and what you think should be in the game and what not.

At the same time we want to get the new version of the board game out to the world (especially to North American gamers as they had almost no way of playing our board game before). edit: This will be a crowd funding campaign we are currently planning for 2015.

Help us bring this great game to life – spread the word!

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  1. These are exciting news for IM pilots all over the world! 😉 I´d liked the idea of the board game very much and I think that it would be really great to play the fast pace game play on a virtual play ground. I hope that the kicker starter campaign will be a success and you have my vote and bidding of course!

    See ya in the astroid fields and get out of my way or I will watch you suffer. 😀

  2. Thank you Corran Horn! Hope to see you between all these asteroids. 🙂

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