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Welcome pilots,

for those of you that do not know Interstellar Mayhem (IM) yet, we want to give a short overview what it is all about:

IM originally is a board game, developed by Soylent Games. The original author Alexander Ommer is highly involved in the developing of the new digital version as well as Berlin based studio ZombieFood. While there will be a classic board game mode, we want IM to be much more than a simple digital version of it… (read more…)

IM Computergame announced


Interstellar Mayhem the computer game announced!

Our friends from ZombieFood will help us bring Interstellar Mayhem to a computer near to you! That’s right we are working on it – right now! We hope you like the news and follow us step by step on this adventure.

Unsere Freunde von ZombieFood helfen uns gerade dabei Interstellar Mayhem für den Computer umzusetzen! Wir arbeiten bereits daran und wollen Euch in den kommenden Wochen nun Stück für Stück an dem Abenteuer teilhaben lassen…