Concept Art: Trickster

So, holiday is over. 🙂 We are working again and while the ingame video is in the making, we thought we shorten waiting time by another nice concept art from Patrick. This time it features „Trickster“ – a pilot.


Eric “Trickster“ Smittie, now that is a smart guy. You can see it in his eyes or better his one good eye. The other he lost at a high stakes game at some table somewhere. Or was it when his weapon backfired? No, wait it was his own doing, he just likes the new eye better. Whatever the real story may be only Trickster will ever now. Maybe he told you the truth at some point, but you’ll be never able to tell. The only thing you should concern yourself with is, if he is on your side of a fight.

Endway Station

Hi pilots,

we are working hard for the upcoming showcase of the game. A few days ago we presented the concept art of a space station. Meanwhile we turned it into a full 3D model viewable in the game engine! It will be your starting point for battles to come.


So enjoy, stay tuned for our upcoming in-engine-showcase and as always: Keep spreading the word!

Endway Station
Deep in the Mayok Nebula lies Endway Station. Only the foolhardy or the most deadly pilots find their way to this outpost of humanity. Rich asteroid fields and deadly pirates wait at every corner and Butch and his wife Emily welcome brave fighter pilots at the last outpost before the Void!

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Welcome pilots,

for those of you that do not know Interstellar Mayhem (IM) yet, we want to give a short overview what it is all about:

IM originally is a board game, developed by Soylent Games. The original author Alexander Ommer is highly involved in the developing of the new digital version as well as Berlin based studio ZombieFood. While there will be a classic board game mode, we want IM to be much more than a simple digital version of it… (read more…)

Pilots of Interstellar Mayhem: Ace


Time for another of our female pilots. Ace is a top notch fighter pilot as she is the only one with real military training. As always credits go to Huatiak for his amazing skills!

Ace is different to all other pilots. She came from an elite academy program for talented youth. She was then raised in a foster military family on the battleship Magellan. At age 16 she had enough of the military drill and stole a fighter to find her real parents ever since. She had to hide from the force and became used to the free roaming life style of the Scrappers. Her special training makes her one of the most experienced pilots out in Gamma.


Pilots of Interstellar Mayhem: Dusty

Maria "Dusty" Rodriguez

Pilots will play a major role in Interstellar Mayhem. They define tactics and playstyle even more than equipments of your fighter. The first pilot I want to show you is Maria „Dusty“ Rodriguez. Patrick, our artist has done a marvellous job – again! Enjoy!

Since she was a small child Maria „Dusty“ Rodriguez climbed the metal planks of the Junkership Ortega. With age four she started playing with scrap and small metal bars, dispensers, cables and microchips building weird looking mechanical toys. With age fourteen she snuck into an old Cyclops spaceship and controlling it came natural to her. After flying around with it seeing her talent she soon was sent on scouting missions to the Rim Asteroid Belt. She may still be young, but her knack with all things mechanical and her unwavering trust into machines makes her one of the most dangerous pilots in „The Gamma.“.

First spaceship model


Hello fellow gamers,

have a look at the development blog of ZombieFood ( for the Cyclops Hammer – the first ship of the Interstellar Mayhem Computergame!

Hallo Spieler

schaut mal auf den Entwicklerblog von ZombieFood (, da gibt es das erste Artwork für die Cyclops Hammer aus unserem Interstellar Mayhem Computerspiel!