Cover Art

Hello again,

as we are getting closer to our fundraiser, the final assets start to come in…
It is not finished yet, but we wanted to show you the other side of the cover nonetheless. The graphic is animated so you can see the little steps needed to make an artwork. Thanks to Patrick who again has done an amazing job! Tell us what you think. 🙂


First Tome of Calling Page online


Hello Gamers,

today we want to give you a glimpse at our newest addition to our Soylent Games website.  Tome of Calling, a fast playing, easy to learn fantasy card game. We will fill up the website over the coming weeks. Enjoy and spread the word if you like what you see. 🙂


Edit: The cards above are the Death Monkey, Faceless Horror and Dragon Hatchling. The Death Monkey kills by screaming an opponents true name, the Faceless Horror looks into the deepest fears of any mage and the Dragon Hatchling can tip the power on the battlefield by growing up.

New Website

Hello everybody,
we made some changes to our website to make it more accessible and manageable for us. We will fill in the missing pieces one by one and keep you updated about all news from our small development team.

Enjoy and spread the word!
Sincerly, Alexander Ommer


Hallo alle da draussen,
wir haben ein paar Änderungen für unsere Webseite beschlossen und hoffen sie dadurch zugänglicher und wartbarer zu machen. Wir werden die fehlenden Dinge nach und nach hinzufügen und euch über die Neuigkeiten von unserem kleinen Entwicklungsteam auf dem Laufenden zu halten.

Habt Spaß und erzählt Euren Freunden von der Seite!
Vielen Dank,
Euer Alexander Ommer