The Copper Dragon

As we are getting very close to our Kickstarter launch for Tome of Calling, we will give you something special to look at. The first of the last 3 dragons to come: The Copper Dragon!


The Copper Dragon is the bane of all superior armies, as its sense for balance always drives it to attack the strongest foes. Tremble in fear and spread the word!

Pilots of Interstellar Mayhem: Dusty

Maria "Dusty" Rodriguez

Pilots will play a major role in Interstellar Mayhem. They define tactics and playstyle even more than equipments of your fighter. The first pilot I want to show you is Maria „Dusty“ Rodriguez. Patrick, our artist has done a marvellous job – again! Enjoy!

Since she was a small child Maria „Dusty“ Rodriguez climbed the metal planks of the Junkership Ortega. With age four she started playing with scrap and small metal bars, dispensers, cables and microchips building weird looking mechanical toys. With age fourteen she snuck into an old Cyclops spaceship and controlling it came natural to her. After flying around with it seeing her talent she soon was sent on scouting missions to the Rim Asteroid Belt. She may still be young, but her knack with all things mechanical and her unwavering trust into machines makes her one of the most dangerous pilots in „The Gamma.“.

IM Computergame announced


Interstellar Mayhem the computer game announced!

Our friends from ZombieFood will help us bring Interstellar Mayhem to a computer near to you! That’s right we are working on it – right now! We hope you like the news and follow us step by step on this adventure.

Unsere Freunde von ZombieFood helfen uns gerade dabei Interstellar Mayhem für den Computer umzusetzen! Wir arbeiten bereits daran und wollen Euch in den kommenden Wochen nun Stück für Stück an dem Abenteuer teilhaben lassen…

A small new rule for the IM Boardgame


Hi gamers,

just wanted to let you know, that we have some small rule improvement for Interstellar Mayhem. Instead of rolling your dice when you create a spaceship, you now take the numbers of each die once. So you get 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 and can distribute them freely for your spaceship sheet. Example: Ingo starts out with his ship having 6 and 3 in speed, a 5, 2 and 1 in shields and puts one die – the 4 onto his firepower. Dirk creates his ship and puts 4, 2 and 1 on speed and 6, 5 and 3 on shields. So both ships have now the same number of pips when they start (21 that is). I will put these changes into the rules as soon as I have time left. 🙂

Hallo Spieler,

ich wollte Euch nur kurz mitteilen, dass wir eine kleine Regelverbesserung für Interstellar Mayhem haben. Anstelle des Würfelwerfens bei einem neuen Raumschiff, nehmt ihr demnächst einfach die Zahlen von 1-6 jeweils einmal und verteilt sie auf Eurem Raumschiffbogen. Beispiel: Ingo startet mit einer 6 und einer 3 in Antrieb, 5, 2 und 1 in die Schilde und die 4 auf die Feuerkraft. Dirk baut sein Schiff und packt die 4, 2 und 1 auf Antrieb und 6, 5 und 3 auf die Schilde. Beide Schiffe haben nun die gleiche Anzahl an Würfelaugen zu Beginn des Spiels (Genau 21).  Ich werde diese Änderungen auch in die Regeln aufnehmen, sobald ich ein wenig Zeit habe. 🙂